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Integrated Business Operations Support

Custom Tailored for Mission-Critical Environments

Quality Assessments and Process Development Nobody knows your workflow demands better than you. To deliver successful process and project management strategies, we work with you to understand your mission. Because real practices sometimes differ from written procedures, we start with a reality check and document every aspect of relevant processes. Together with you, we establish baselines to measure success and ensure that we hit the mark every time.

Strategic IT Planning and Assessment All IT systems are not created equal. RSSI provides you with strategic, organizational IT planning and assessments of planned and operational systems. We bench test new and emergent technologies and get to know how they work. By using these tests, we can determine if they meet your system requirements and if they are affordable and secure. Whether it is virtualization, migration or refreshment, we can implement new technology into your environment and support it - all without disrupting services.

New Services Design and Implementation Over the years, RSSI has rolled out many new capabilities to customers, including area processing centers, Remedy ITSM, SharePoint server farms and the development of the operations bridge concept. But a new service is more than just design. We have the experience to smoothly bring it through the processing, manning level studies, testing, authorizations and paperwork to win approval to operate.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Development SLA development is a fairly new concept in Government. RSSI - at the leading edge of providing these services - has set the standard. We offer complete SLA development between organizations. SLA is a two-way street; we help you develop successful SLAs so that your customers understand the level of service they can expect from you and that you can fully meet their expectations. As always, performance is measured against established metrics.

- IA, Certification & Accreditation

- Firewalls, Intrusion detection & services

- Access Control & Security Training

- Technical Solutions Development

- Capture & Proposal support to Industry