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Navy Seaport-e

RSSi offers a wide variety of IT services using our Seaport-e Contract. RSSi uses ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000:2011 certified processes in a structured Quality Management System (QMS) for all deliverables and all services for all Seaport Services.

Contract Name: Contract Name: Navy Seaport-e

Contract Number: N00178-14-D-7471

Geographical Zones: Zone 2

Sponsor: Department of Defense / NAVY

Contract Exp.: April 4, 2019

Listing of Current Team Members: RSSi Currently has no approved Team Members

Listing of Current Task Orders: Task Order 0001

RSSi POC Technical: John Barrass 571.375.2299

RSSi POC Contracts 571.375.2299

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