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Welcome to RSSi

When I founded RSSi in 2010 as a Woman-owned small business focused on IT Services, SETA Support, and Integrated Business Operations Support for the US Federal Government and private organizations, my goal was to leverage the talents of a diverse workforce for mission success. Our current client relationships include the US Federal government and major international corporations and we strive to meet that goal every day. When we say ‘Quality, Quickly’ we mean just that. You’ve heard the old joke: “Good, fast, cheap – pick two” ? Well, we don’t believe in that. At RSSi, we believe that our clients deserve quality services at reasonable prices, in the time frame necessary to meet their critical mission and business needs. My priorities as CEO have been published as our foundations of service and all our Team is committed to supporting our customers mission in every way possible.

Sun Tok Barrass

President & CEO

Our Fundamentals Of Service

Find the right employees and partners — and treat them really well.

Listen hard to our customers — and give them more than they expect, on time and within budget.

Keep our company healthy — with solid management, financial stability and the resources to get each job done right.

Original Thinking - Clients deserve the best thinking from their partners. At RSSi, we want to see the full spectrum of ideas articulated before we put "pen to paper" for client solutions. Only through diversity of people do you get diversity of thought.

Leadership - Clients have a right to expect their partners to step out in front on the hard problems. We expect our team to partner with you to tackle those thorny issues.

Strategic Vision - Many firms can respond to a statement of work and deliver the minimum called for in the contract. What we believe our clients need a partner who understands the underlying business and mission of the client organization and who ties contract results to long-term results.